Singles in the Wild: Bringing Personal Dating Ads Back to Singapore

Wildchild is mostly known for our Modern Love/Loneliness column, which covers stories about love and dating in Singapore, and we’re taking our affinity with matters of the heart to the next level by playing Cupid. We are beyond thrilled to unveil “Singles in the Wild”, a new interview series that is basically the modern-day incarnation of the personal ad.

“What is a personal ad?” you might ask. Typically published in the classifieds of newspapers, personal ads are essentially the precursor to online dating; folks in search of connections describe themselves and essentially self-advertise in a short paragraph. In the digital age, however, dating apps indubitably reign supreme when it comes to meeting new people — they are easy to use and offer an endless supply of eligible suitors available on demand. Yet, apps may not be suitable for everybody. From the paradox of choice to an overriding focus on images, there is a myriad of factors that may lead to swiping fatigue.

For those who still prefer to make new connections online, this series serves as a less socially draining alternative. Simply read our interviews with singles in Singapore — don’t worry, they will be more in-depth than your typical old-school personal ad — and reach out if they catch your eye. Through the question-and-answer format, we aim to showcase the personalities and voices of the singles that are featured.

How “Singles in the Wild” Works

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