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Single in the Wild: 29M Desserts Lover Seeks His Butter Half

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Team Wildchild dips our toes into matchmaking with our feature series, Singles in the Wild. Through the question-and-answer format, we aim to highlight the personalities of our interviewees. Prepare to be captivated by the young adults from Singapore’s diverse dating pool, whether you are a hopeful single looking to be relieved of your swiping fatigue or merely a curious reader.

Our fourth single loves upskilling himself and eating dessert. He hopes to run a cafe stocked with comics and sweet treats someday but right now, he is searching for the apple of his eye pie. Are you the girl who can make his dreams come crumb true?

How would your friends describe you?

  • “Skills Future / Life-long learning ambassador”

For the past two years, I have been taking night classes. It started during the latter half of the COVID-19 pandemic, after being stuck in an endless cycle of eating, sleeping, and working. I don’t miss school but I thought it would be nice to learn something different! It was also a surefire way to force myself to do something outside of work, especially when these “extra-curricular activities” are paid for using my hard-earned money. 

The classes I attend may or may not be related to my day job, from a healthcare assistant course to learning about how behavioral insight methods improve the implementation of products and initiatives.

For the former, I learned how to carry out basic physiotherapy as well as the preparatory work required to ensure that patients are comfortable and safe over the course of the treatment.

Being a physiotherapist was actually one of my childhood goals! While it didn’t end up as my career, I am glad that I managed to acquire the relevant skills.

  • “Introvert who seems to be an extrovert”

Since I have night classes, I try not to have more than one social engagement per week. “Me time” is quite important as the capacity of my social battery is small and I don’t want to turn up to work as a zombie or spend time with friends half-heartedly. While I am happy to go with the flow and be the listener in social settings, I’ll also try to liven things up when necessary.

  • “Morning person”

I have been “warned” by my friends on numerous occasions to not set social appointments before 10am. They say that weekends are for sleeping in but for an old man like me, the day starts when the sun rises! Jokes aside, I usually begin and end my day early throughout the week.

I fell into this routine during university to make sure that I get to classes on time. After graduation, my motivation switched to being able to squeeze in a short workout before work. I am known to be uncontactable after 11.30pm as I will be snoozing by then. Having said that, I do not expect my partner to be a morning person. Everyone should be free to enjoy their preferred sleep pattern, especially during the weekend.

Share a fun fact about yourself.

Not many people know this but I have a shelf of comics. My collection includes One Piece, Fairy Tail, Death Note, and Return of Condor Heroes (by the esteemed Wee Tian Beng).

While it is an expensive hobby, I enjoy flipping through the books from time to time — nothing beats revisiting the funny ones. 

During our schooling days, my cousins and I used to visit Bras Basah complex to look for cheap pre-loved comics to expand our collections.

Unfortunately, the rise of digital readership has since resulted in a smaller supply of books for second-hand customers like myself. Hit me up if you would like to start a comic cafe together after we retire!

What is your toxic trait?

Buying too many desserts every Friday, in preparation for the weekend. Am trying my best not to go down the rabbit hole of having a dessert after each meal on the weekends! A sweet tooth is a terrible thing to have but I do what I can to delay the onset of the inevitable dad bod by exercising enough to burn off the sugar and calories. My favorites include chocolate cake, New York cheesecake, and kueh. But I am cool with tarts, pies, and other types of cake too.

If you know of a place in Singapore that sells awesome dark chocolate sorbet or ice cream, do hit me up! I have yet to find one that is bitter enough to remind me of the misery that I went through recently, yet sweet enough to make me finish the entire scoop in no time. 

Since we are on the topic of desserts, I shall give some unsolicited recommendations on where to get the best dessert at different price points. Please do not @ me as everyone has different tastes and preferences!

  • $ – Coco exotic from Four Leaves
  • $$ – Cream puff from Baristart Coffee
  • $$$ – To be confirmed

Honorable mentions that will not burn a hole in your pocket: Nine Fresh’s desserts, Kazo Polo’s cream bun, and City Donuts.

What do you like most about yourself?

Being able to let go of negativity quickly, especially for things that are out of my control. Negative events are part and parcel of life. I try to quickly reset my emotions to a neutral state before moving to the next activity or matter. Since we only have so much time and energy in a day, it is more efficient to let things go and focus on more positive stuff, like planning what desserts to have over the weekend! 

Who and what are you looking for?

A girl whom I can vibe with and who will accept my quirks and lifestyle. I must add that my partner need not share all of my interests. If we have different hobbies, I am open to picking up new ones to spend time together. 

An unknown wise person once said that a couple who works out together stays together. In this context, it would be that a couple who has fun together stays together! If I have to say something more tangible than the ambiguous “it is right when it feels right”, it would be that I’m searching for someone who can live the sweet — in all sense of the word — life with me.

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Feature collage by Sherryl Cheong

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