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Single in the Wild: 24M Coffee Lover Seeks Lady to Keep Him Up All Night

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Team Wildchild dips our toes into matchmaking with our feature series, Singles in the Wild. Through the question-and-answer format, we aim to highlight the personalities of our interviewees. Prepare to be captivated by the young adults from Singapore’s diverse dating pool, whether you are a hopeful single looking to be relieved of your swiping fatigue or merely a curious reader.

Our sixth single is searching for someone to brave the daily grind with. Don’t worry, even if you aren’t nuts about coffee, you may very well be his cup of tea.

What are you passionate about?

I’m deeply invested in personal growth, whether it comes to my physique, character, or spiritual journey. I’m not the same person I was one year ago, nor will I be the same person one year from now. I keep track of my days through journaling. When I look back at my past entries, I always feel comforted by the changes in how I perceive adversity and respond to challenges.

What’s the best interaction you’ve had with a stranger?

’Twas on a Sunday morning earlier this year, after church service. I decided to have coffee and read at a cafe.

At this point in my life, all the books I’d ever owned were sitting on a shelf collecting dust, so this was a very rare occurrence.

Anyway, as I was reading “Life Is” by Judah Smith, a guy walked in and sat at the table in front of me.

He looks at me and goes, “That’s a great book! Have you read the previous one by the same author?”

We introduced ourselves, exchanged numbers, and spent the next hour or so talking about life, love, and even the good ol’ army days. We’re still close pals and our families meet regularly at the same cafe. From that day onwards, I made a conscious effort to bring a book wherever I go and I now quite enjoy reading. 

What did you last record in your notes app?

It’s a table of my monthly spending, #adulting. The table includes the item purchased, price, billing date, and the credit card used. Most of my expenditure comes from digital subscriptions. My Squarespace subscription costs the most at $260/year. Coming in second place is protein powder at $99/month. 

Ps. I refuse to calculate my monthly expenditure on coffee because I’m pretty sure it’ll scare me. I don’t even wanna know. Beans alone cost about $50ish and I also visit cafes. This reminds me, I also have another note that’s a checklist of all the cafes that I want to visit.

What’s your toxic trait?

I’d say that it’s being a perfectionist, especially in the things I’m passionate about, such as content creation.

I’m probably one of the few people who still have an Instagram feed planner on my phone, just to make sure my feed looks aesthetically pleasing.

I feel the need to present my content in the most polished way. I mean, do you know anyone else who scratches his head over which font to use in an Instagram story that is gonna disappear in 24 hours? Or someone who exports the same video a dozen times — RIP MacBook — if he finds the colors slightly off? Well, now you do.

I also don’t like to share food when I’m really hungry. Yes, I know sharing is caring — just not when I’m starving!

What do you like most about yourself?

I like that I am able to forgive people easily. I used to count this as a negative trait because I felt that sometimes people didn’t “deserve” my forgiveness and I didn’t want to be seen as a fool for forgiving them so easily. Thank God I’ve grown in my perspective over the years. I’ve learned that everyone makes mistakes and that people don’t need to earn forgiveness. 

Who and what are you looking for? 

A girl who’s gracious enough to laugh even if the joke was bad. A lover of handwritten notes, rooftop experiences, and a whole latte walking. Hope that’s not a tall order.

I would also like for her to be a Christian. Given that Jesus and my church community are a huge part of my life, I’d like someone who can walk alongside me. No, I am not seeking a full-time bible study partner, nor am I seeking an all-night prayer warrior who specializes in spiritual warfare. And our conversations don’t always have to end with “Thus sayest the Lord”. 

On a serious note, iPhone users are highly preferred. No, “opposites attract” does not apply here. Bonus points if you’re a Westie — otherwise, that’s a character-building opportunity for me!

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