Venture Inside “Sakiko’s Secret Trip”

Wildchild was invited to the launch of ‘Sakiko’s Secret Trip’, the inaugural solo exhibition by mixed-media artist Sakiko. Having hailed from Japan, a nation that values commonality and practices shame-based social ostracism (村八分 or murahachibu), Sakiko’s existing body of work reflects her inner turmoil as well as a sense of social isolation. Other influences include her personal fixation with bodily modification and yoga practice as a conduit toward spirituality. Here’s what our writer, Arkar, had to say about the opening ceremony.

The performance began with some dancers carrying the train of Sakiko’s dress and it felt like the audience was invited on a journey via train. Sakiko took off her dress after our arrival at the “station”, which was a space filled with her existing artworks.

The dancers started off as blank canvases and as the performance progressed, Sakiko started painting the bodies of the dancers. It was as if they were the same canvases that hung on the walls. She does not need a specific medium; the energy that radiated from the performance was art.

Watching Sakiko at work was an out-of-body experience. Motherhood led her to explore the meaning of existence and fulfilment — it felt like she was walking us through the process of labor and expressing how it felt to straddle the line between life and death.

Located at The Glass Hut

195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-39A, Singapore 168976

Till 8 May, 11am to 9pm

Live performances on 7 May, 7.30pm to 10.30pm

Photography by Min Htut Arkar


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