Single in the Wild: 27W Aspiring Academic Seeks Brainy Bookworm

Team Wildchild dips our toes into matchmaking with our latest feature series, Singles in the Wild. Through the question-and-answer format, we aim to highlight the personalities of our interviewees. Prepare to be captivated by the young adults from Singapore’s diverse dating pool, whether you are a hopeful single looking to be relieved of your swiping fatigue or merely a curious reader.

First up, we have a lover of knowledge on the lookout for an intellectually curious man whom she can spar with. A tall order for sure but if you understand her literary references, you could very well be the one who ventures into a Brave New World with her.

Editor’s note: Our Aspiring Academic has found what she was searching for!

What are you passionate about?

Saving the world (really!) Primarily… standing still, learning to be astonished, and trying to lead a loving, socially and environmentally conscious life. 

One of my favorite poets wrote,

“Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do 

with your one wild and precious life?”

Agape is a spring I will draw from till the day I die. 

Explain one of the Google searches in your recent history.

The most notable recent Google search would be “Letter to Women” by Pope John Paul II. A prescient piece of writing for its time, I absolutely love his observation that “women have been and continue to be valued more for their physical appearance than for their skill, their professionalism, their intellectual abilities, their deep sensitivity; in a word, the very dignity of their being!” (emphasis mine)

I revisit this quote often, typically when I feel disheartened about the superficiality of worldly values, or when attempting to demonstrate how the faith has been misunderstood as a patriarchal one. 

What’s your most treasured memory?

Any time spent with loved ones is special to me as time is a form of currency we can never get back. 

If I had to pick my most treasured memory, it would probably be the late-night car rides with my dad as I sit at the back and dig into the food he lovingly prepared, after a long day at university. 

What’s something you enjoy that most people consider boring?

Pondering the finitude of life and the relationship between Being and Time — am I boring you already? 

What’s your favorite book and why?

It would be difficult to select a favorite, as I believe each creation is a snapshot of a moment in time (this article included!), and we’re always evolving.

If I really had to choose, it’d be a classic that one can reread time and time again at different points in life and still gain new insights — a book or an essay that we’re never quite done with. For the purpose of this introduction, may I suggest Orwell’s Why I Write?

Who and what are you looking for?

As an avid viewer of early Disney movies, I’d always dreamed of my knight in shining armor — until I learned about the toxicity of teaching girls to value being a damsel in distress (read: I can save my own damn self) along with the unhealthy socialization of prescribed gender norms.  

I’m now looking for a #woke man who respects me as an equal. We’d ideally be better together, but still great apart. Someone mature who supports us in our pursuit of shared goals and values; who is able to fully see and accept me for who I really am; who loves me for me. 

What a blessing it would be if he likes to read and is able to pick apart my arguments intellectually — yes, I love rethinking and learning why I’m wrong through a good healthy debate! 

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