B-Logs: Maison 21G’s Dual Scented Crayon

It’s been a while since the last but welcome to another Beauty Log, otherwise known as B-Log, where we share real reviews – no holds barred – by and for those who are constantly on the lookout for the latest additions to their list of holy grail products.

If two is better than one, does that make three better than two? The tagline for Maison 21G’s Dual Scented Crayon is 1+1=3, which left me intrigued when I first came across it. I imagined that there was a complicated contraption that would blend the two fragrances into one. The actual product is less convoluted than the one in my head — the roll-ons are attached together with a shared cover; the third scent is created when you layer one scent after the other by rolling on the same spot.

After using the Dual Scented Crayon for months (since May), I developed a new-found appreciation for the convenience of roll-ons: how they allowed for quick and easy touch-ups anytime, anywhere. I typically slip the product into one of the bags on my rotation. Then I allow myself to be pleasantly surprised when I chance upon it when I dig into my bag. Sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, I forget to twist the cover tightly enough after use, which has resulted in some minor leaks. But my carelessness — not the design — is mostly to blame here.

Maison 21G review: Tea Time - WILDCHILD SG
Tea Time
Maison 21G review: Dual Scented Crayon - WILDCHILD SG
Maison 21G review: Rose Ritual - WILDCHILD SG
Rose Ritual

After attending Maison 21G’s workshops, I discovered that I have a penchant for floral fragrances, having picked pear and mimosa as well as cashmere wood and honey on two separate occasions. I doubled down with my third pick. “Tea Time” smells like fresh green tea and has an uplifting citrusy floral character; “Rose Ritual” is also floral but sweeter. I like the former so much that sometimes I wear it on its own. And that’s the beauty of the Dual Scented Crayon. It grants the wearer more options while preserving the unique selling proposition that Maison 21G is known for: personalization through mixing scents.

Photography by Sherryl Cheong

Editor’s note: For transparency sake, the product was gifted.

Sherryl Cheong

Sharer and carer of wildchild

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