All the Beauty Products I Used in a Week

Welcome to Beauty Logs, otherwise known as B-Logs, where we share real reviews – no holds barred by and for those who are constantly on the lookout for the latest additions to their list of holy grail products. In this special edition, I track all the beauty products that I used over a seven-day period.

Occupation: Currently unemployed but I was a former writer for a lifestyle site that covers fashion and beauty, which gave me access to many skincare and makeup products.

Age: 23

Location: Singapore

Skin Condition: I have sensitive skin that turns red at the slightest irritation and it’s dry most of the time. Also susceptible to hormonal acne every month.

Day 1, Monday

3.17pm: I slept for over 12 hours that night and woke up super late in the afternoon. According to my Fitbit, I slept at 2.44am. I was extra tired because a volunteering session took a physical toll on me the night before, so I was clearing my sleep debt. At least that’s what I tell myself. I wash my face with the travel-sized Rise + Shine Gentle Cleanser from Saturday Skin’s Everyday Glow Skincare Set ($45), which is a basic foam cleanser that I had to use while waiting for my new gel cleanser to be delivered.

Then, I apply Dior’s Hydra Life Deep Hydration Sorbet Water Essence ($110). I enjoy using the product primarily because it’s visually appealing, a very pretty sky blue, but I am not that impressed by its effectiveness— my skin doesn’t feel extra hydrated on days that I apply it.

Next, I slap on Holika Holika’s Aloe Soothing Essence Waterproof Sun Gel SPF50+ (~$30), which I had bought in Korea. I have never heard anything about the brand but I was on the hunt for a good sunblock and got it at a whim. You know when a salesperson is doing such a good job explaining every single product in sight that you feel like you have to buy something? Yeah, that was what happened.

8.24pm: During my shower, I used Coco & Eve’s The Gift of Good Hair Like a Virgin Hair Masque Ornament (Limited Edition) ($28) for the first time ever because I have an upcoming interview for a role in the company and was curious about the product. The coconut scent was quite strong and the product was pretty average, considering that it’s a pretty pricey product.

Day 2, Tuesday

Disclaimer: It may appear a little confusing but I always sleep after midnight, so I have to park my nighttime routine under the next day’s log.

2.34am: I wash my face with my Drunk Elephant Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser ($46), which I had purchased from Sephora on Black Friday. I had heard a lot about Drunk Elephant’s serums and wanted to know if their cleanser was worth a shot. I am really impressed with this gel cleanser because it lathers super easily.

Hot take: I think it’s better than Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser ($63), especially since it’s scentless and Fresh’s cleanser has a cucumber scent (that I don’t particularly enjoy) even though it’s fragrance-free.

I always feel really guilty whenever I use sheet masks because they’re bad for the environment. I’ve stopped purchasing them but I still can’t resist copping some from beauty PR kits that come my way. To assuage my guilt, I recycle the packaging and save the leftover serum into a bottle. I did that with a couple of Dr.Jart+’s Cicapair Calming Masks (~$13). I notice a couple of pimples popping up so I applied Dr.Jart+’s Cicapair Calming Gel Cream ($59) all over my face in hopes that they will disappear the next day.

1.30pm: Nope, no such luck. The pimples are still there. Performed my daytime routine, as described in yesterday’s log. Moisturized my face using the travel-sized Waterfall Glacier Water Cream from Saturday Skin’s Everyday Glow Skincare Set ($45).

2.30pm: I had to put makeup on because I had a Skype interview. I use my Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation ($68). Then I dab on my trusty Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer ($38). For my blush, I use Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick in No. 25 ($77.95), which came in the goodie bag that was given out during Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2020 show.

I decide to skip mascara because it’s my least favorite makeup — it always irritates my eyes — and I’m pretty sure it can’t be seen through the low-quality camera on my laptop. For my brows, I use Innisfree’s Auto Eyebrow Pencil (~$10). I love the brush that comes with the pencil and even after repurchasing the product thrice, I detached the very first brush from the product and kept it till now because it is so soft.

To set my face, I used Urban Decay’s All Nighter Anti-Pollution Setting Spray ($50). I had recently purchased the product during Black Friday too, as a replacement for the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water ($51) that I had sadly lost to customs at an airport. I was tempted to repurchase the primer water but decided to try something new. Jeffree Star swears by the setting spray and it was one dollar cheaper anyway!

11.43pm: I removed my makeup with Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution ($52.90 for two). I recently stocked up since I was in Paris for fashion week and had sufficient luggage space. But I didn’t have to since it’s easily found in Singapore’s drugstores and I don’t actually save that much money — just a few dollars — by buying it in France.

Day 3, Wednesday

2.35am: *pastes nighttime routine*

4.49am: I still can’t sleep because my skin condition flared up once again and I am itching from the waist down. To soothe the itch, I quickly apply Bath and Body Works’ Hello Beautiful Lotion (~$27). It’s my favorite and I re-purchased it after trying out a few others by the brand.

6.09pm: I take a shower right after a run around my neighborhood. I put on the hair masque once again because my hair feels a little dry. I also use Dior’s Hydra Life Extra Plump – Smooth Balm Mask (~$92). This mask smells and feels amazing.

Day 4, Thursday

2.40am: Before I sleep, I apply Kora Organics Noni Glow Body Oil ($87) all over my body. The scent is too weird for my liking and the bottle leaks quite easily. I’m certainly not a fan but I’m curious as to how body oils will work differently from moisturizers. Then I use La Neige’s Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, which came in a travel set ($39 for a similar product) that is probably discontinued by now.

I had always used the regular Water Sleeping Mask so I really wanted to try the Firming edition because it is anti-aging and supposed to strengthen, hydrate and tone my skin. Its fragrance (rose, ylang-ylang, orange flower, and sandalwood) smells like Hazeline Snow, something that my mother used to make me apply on my face as a child.

12.20pm: After I wash my face, I use five pumps of Kora Organics’ Calming Lavender Mist ($43). I really dig that I can use a face mist as a toner and it feels light on the skin. I finally remember to moisturize with Clarins Extra Firming Jour ($138), a day cream, before applying sunscreen.

I used these two products religiously during fashion week but stopped because I was running low and decided to use them sparingly since. I got the day cream for free but I would definitely go and buy it with my own money when I run out of moisturizers. I disliked putting moisturizer in the past because I had yet to find one that didn’t feel heavyweight and icky on my face.

2.26pm: Put on makeup because I was heading out for the day. I dig into my Becca Pop Goes The Glow Champagne Pop Face & Eye Palette ($63), which I absolutely love. The powders are highly pigmented and the colors are so usable. I’ve been using Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette (discontinued) for years now and I was so excited when they released this new face palette because I can finally replace it with something similar.

I did slap on my Chanel Le Volume Revolution Mascara ($62) since I was going for dinner at a steakhouse with my friend as a festive celebration of sorts. I have been using this product for some time and I was initially surprised at how this mascara is more lengthening than volumizing.

9.19pm: Received a call from my mom because the stray cat that I was taking care of had died in a hit-and-run traffic accident. I head home with my friend, S, and we wait for the mobile pet services to arrive to take the carcass away.

Day 5, Friday

12.45am: Removed my makeup and washed my face with my Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser ($63). S bought this cleanser for me and always reminds me that I can remove my makeup with it without using makeup remover. I am dubious of how effective a cleanser can be at removing makeup so I still make sure that I use my Bioderma micellar solution before cleansing my face.

2.40am: I am devastated so I don’t really pay attention when I wash up.

8.48am: I wake up in the morning for the first time in this entire week because I was drifting in and out of sleep anyway. I stay in bed and mope for most of the day.

Day 6, Saturday

2.34am: Finally remember to put eye cream before bed. I’m trying to get into the habit of doing so and since it’s my first time using eye cream, I honestly have no idea what to expect. I’m using the Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream from Saturday Skin’s Everyday Glow Skincare Set ($45) and like the rest of the products, it appears to be quite basic.

12.39pm: My lips are peeling so I use a lip gloss in hopes of moisturizing it a tiny bit while adding some color as well. I love Becca, I really do, but their Glow Gloss ($32) blows. The product tastes like mint but not the pleasant kind. For the darker shades, it’s obvious when the lip gloss clumps immediately upon application.

I usually don’t wear makeup on the weekends because I don’t go out much. *cues sad music* But I was meeting a friend for a meal. I was running late and settled for a light coverage so I apply IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+ ($62). The coverage of this tinted moisturizer is great but the formula is too oily for Singapore’s weather. Couldn’t find my Innisfree brow product since my makeup shelf is a mess so I use my Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen ($10) instead.

11.23pm: On the weekends, I like to treat myself to scrubs and masks. This way, it feels special when I finally use it to pamper myself after a week of quick showers. I use Ouai’s Scalp & Body Scrub ($58) on my scalp and back. The thing about scalp scrubs is that my hair gets in the way and I don’t know if I’m using the way I’m supposed to but I try to massage my head and dissolve the crystals in the process. The scrub doesn’t do much for my back since the crystals are pretty huge. It gets brownie points for smelling great though.

I’ve met hairstylists who don’t think that highly of Ouai’s hair products and sing praises at their marketing. I do think that their hair masque is a fantastic product worth purchasing though. I finished the product very quickly and am waiting for the right time — when I finish using the other hair masques that I own — to re-purchase it.

Day 7, Sunday

6pm: I shower and use the Coco and Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque again. I know I’m not supposed to use a hair masque more than two times a week but my hair is so dry that simply using conditioner just doesn’t do the job.

10.15pm: I anticipate an outbreak soon so I spread a generous amount of Boscia’s Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask (~$52) all over my face. It always stings a little upon application and the scent is very herbal, which I don’t fancy. I do enjoy using clay masks, which contain anti-inflammatory properties, to help me cope with oiliness and congestion on my face.

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