Do you feel like you’re fumbling along in life? Do you struggle with a sense of displacement in modern Singapore? Do you wonder if your voice matters? Does any of this matter? Do you feel conflicted about your discontent because you recognize the privilege of being able to contemplate your own existence?

Started in 2020, Wildchild is a site that attempts to share the experiences and musings of those who are not quite teens and not yet adults, through personal essays. You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get whenever you have a really honest and open conversation with your close friends? For you know your opinions will be heard and accepted without judgment. Well, Wildchild aims to be an online space that does just that. To connect people through stories, ranging from culture and identity to beauty and style. To highlight the beauty in how everyone has a story to tell.

Wildchild is a passion project, a collection of inner monologues by young adults in Singapore. Here, the thread that ties the contributors together would be the desire to create as well as a healthy dose of appreciation for the everyday.


Why the need for anonymity?

Some of the contributors are anonymous for various reasons but avoiding accountability is not one of them. It may be due to the sensitivity of the subject matter or their personal preference of having a squeaky clean record when you Google search their name. Or perhaps they wish to avoid being mistaken for moonlighting (they’re not). More often than not, it’s because of the importance of ensuring that their ideas and views are not perceived as that of their employers.

How can I contribute?

Just drop us an email with your pitch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Here is the template for our Money Diaries, if you would like to submit an entry.